NYT’s Kristof Rues Trump-Addicted Media, Says Liberals are ‘Pathetic’


New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof rued the media’s addiction to President Trump and jokingly called on Trump to “excoriate” him so he wouldn’t feel left out in an op-ed on Saturday

Kristof said all the attention on Trump takes away from other important issues and labels the addition to the various scandals as “Trump porn.”

According to Kristof, issues that are being ignored or pushed aside include the genocide in Myanmar, tensions in the Middle East and the dangers of malaria and admits that he too is guilty of being addicted to Trump.

I’m addicted myself, which is why I write so much about Trump — or catch myself on a date night with my wife engaging in horrified conversation about Trump.

Kristof also criticizes liberals for allowing Trump to define the agenda and calls them “pathetic” for not being interested in topics if Trump isn’t. – READ MORE

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