NYT’s Board Says Migrants Should Get Free Gov’t Lawyers at the Border


Voters Should Insist That Congress Provide Taxpayer-funded Lawyers To All Child-migrants Who Arrive At The Border Without Parents, Says The New York Times‘ Editorial Board.

The child-migrant should get free lawyers to ensure that 75 percent of them win a green card, says the board. Without lawyers, youths seeking asylum win roughly 15 percent of their cases. According to the editorial:

The Trump administration has the opportunity to do the right thing here. If you want to help sway it to do so, here are some concrete steps to take… The proposed Fair Day in Court for Kids Act would require the government to appoint counsel to unaccompanied children, and it’s important to ask Congress to support its passage.

The “Fair Day in Court for Kids Act” was drafted by Hawaii’s Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono and is backed by 14 other Democratic Senators.

The NYT board does not say how many ambitious parents in South America, Africa, and Asia will present their children at the southern border to request taxpayer-provided lawyers for their children, including teenagers. If the children use the lawyers to win residency or asylum, they can also get green cards for their parents and siblings via chain-migration laws. – READ MORE

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