NYT Doesn’t Mention Trump In Story Lauding Hurricane Response


After laying the responsibility of disaster relief solely on the Trump administration before Hurricanes Harvey and Irma made landfall, The New York Times lauded the successful response of government Tuesday, yet it never mentioned Trump.

“The United States appears to be improving in the way it responds to hurricanes, at a time when climate scientists say the threats from such storms, fueled by warming oceans, are growing only more dire,” according to The Times. Avoiding any references to the Trump administration, The Times reports that the 9/11 terrorist attacks revolutionized the disaster response of the “American government.” The tone of their reporting changed dramatically in only a matter of weeks.

“Facing what could be the most powerful storm to slam into the United States in more than a decade, President Trump and the team he has put in place at the Federal Emergency Management Agency were bracing on Friday for one of the most important tests of his presidency,”reported The Times on Aug. 25. The paper placed sole responsibility for the response on Trump and his administration, seemingly putting him in a “see, we told you so” situation if all didn’t go as planned after the fact. – READ MORE

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