NYT Contradicts Its Own Reporting To Attack Trump


The cacophony of kooks in the establishment media lost their collective minds Friday over President Donald Trump’s reversal of former President Barack Obama’s Cuban policy.

The New York Times — determined to be the trendsetter when it comes to media bias — led the charge once again, framing President Donald Trump’s decision to restrict travel to the rogue regime’s island as a “crusade” to overturn “crucial elements” of his predecessor’s legacy. Their ability to editorialize anything fairly was drowned out completely by claiming the president rolled back Obama’s policy because he wanted to “genuflect” before Miami’s Cuban-American “exile population.”

The NYT’s entire argument assumes that there is no way this could be a rational decision because Donald Trump made it, and Donald Trump is bad. The editorial board decried the decision as “cynical” and having a “historically bogus foundation,” tirelessly repeating the same trope that sanctions have never ousted the Castro regime.

What the NYT piece lacked in logical arguments, it made up for with lofty claims and pious rhetoric. It’s almost as if the Times had forgotten it’s very own reporting from Havana in December on the increased “privation” suffered by the locals as a direct result of increased tourism and “poor planning” since Obama loosened travel restrictions on American tourists.

The “warming” of relations between the Obama administration and the Cuban regime led to a record 4 million tourists visiting Cuba in 2016. This meant that most of the basic goods that are typically rationed to Cuban citizens instead flow to private restaurants that can fetch higher prices from the influx of foreign cash.

The problem lies with capricious property rights and the country’s socialist food rationing system. The state often pays the farmer less than their costs for agricultural goods, creating disincentives for new farmers to enter the market and increase the meager supply.  A country that previously struggled to feed 11 million people, now must stretch food supplies to satisfy 15 million people.

Basic food groups were scarce before, but now with the influx of many Americans and Europeans that demand higher quality goods and services, state run retailers and markets now have an opportunity to capitalize by selling food to “private” restaurants at huge markups.

The unfortunate side effect of diverting the limited supply of basic food groups away from the natives, and onto the plates of affluent foreigners, benefits almost exclusively the state, and comes at the expense of hunger pains for Cuban citizens. The NYT, suffering from short-term memory loss, reported back in December that tourists “are quite literally eating [the natives] lunch.”

Staples of the Cuban diet like onions and peppers, and “modest luxuries” like pineapples and limes have become unaffordable as a result. With such a huge increase in demand and a lack of incentives for the state controlled market to increase supplies, reduces the standard of living for the Cuban people and flushes the regime responsible with cash.

One of the left’s objectives is to protect the “little guy” who is crushed beneath the proverbial boot of the wealthy “fat cats,” yet in addition to contradicting themselves, the NYT recent reports admonish Donald Trump for ending a system that benefits wealthy American tourists at the expense of the impoverished and oppressed peoples of Cuba.

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