NYT Bias Showing in Front-Page Pic From WH Easter Egg Roll


The front-page image The Times chose from the event showed a young girl crying on the South Lawn, with a caption that she was “less pleased than her sister.”

Michael Ahrens, who works in the press office for the Republican Party, tweeted, “I saw thousands of children smiling and laughing at the White House yesterday, but the @nytimes wants you to know that not everyone was happy. #EggRoll2018.”

The Daily Signal’s Kelsey Harkness responded to the tweet: “This is why so many Americans don’t trust The New York Times. Clearly, there was an agenda behind the decision to use this picture.”

Another user replied, “The @nytimes was able to find a toddler melting down. Maybe no one there has ever spent more than an hour with a toddler and they think this is ‘news’? Newsflash: toddlers melt down 6 times a day. It’s completely normal. This cute little girl was probably happy again in 5 minutes.” – READ MORE

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