NYPD: Hillary Whisked from Ground Zero to NY Home to See Medical Specialists After Collapse


After collapsing at Ground Zero earlier today in Manhattan, Hillary Clinton was whisked to her home in Chappaqua, New York to receive specialized medical care, NYPD sources said.

NYPD sources said Clinton’s campaign handlers and Secret Service considered taking her to New York Presbyterian Hospital after she collapsed Sunday morning but Clinton insisted on being transported to daughter Chelsea’s Manhattan residence instead.

After recovering there, NYPD sources said Secret Service were taking Clinton to her home where she would receive additional private medical care. What’s wrong with Clinton? NYPD sources said they did not know what medical problems she was weathering but said there was much concern among her inner circle. Asked weather it was perhaps a fainting spell from heat exhaustion, law enforcement sources replied: “This was treated as something much more serious than that. You don’t go to the hospital for fainting.”

A review of the available footage of the medical event indicates Clinton was not drinking water, no one was offering her water, ice or any beverage, her face was not flush and she kept her outer jacket on: things that indicate “heat exhaustion” as a convenient cover-up excuse from her handlers.

“She apparently knew she was in trouble,” one NYPD source said. “There were logistics coordinating her motorcade because this came quickly, long before she was scheduled to depart.”


This below from Washington Post reporter assigned to travel with Clinton, unless barred to do so like today.


This story is developing. We will update as additional intelligence is gathered.

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