NYC’s Socialist Mayor Uses Counter Terrorism Plane for Vacation Travel


For a far-left Democrat gunning for the presidency, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio sure has his priorities in order.

The same mayor who couldn’t be bothered to stick around his own city last year when a police officer was murdered because he felt called to be at a protest in Europe decided to interrupt a Canadian vacation to return to New York for a ceremony to name a street after the fallen hero.

And to do it, he drafted the use of a $3 million airplane that’s supposed to be part of the New York City Police Department’s arsenal against terror.

“It is very unusual to go on an international flight to go pick up the mayor,” one source told the New York Post.

“I think it’s excessive, because that wasn’t what that plane was designed to do. It’s designed for counterterrorism measures. To go to Canada to get the mayor? It’s excessive.” – READ MORE


The idea was once relegated to the far-left. But the liberal push to abolish the federal agency that enforces federal immigration laws is going mainstream in the Democratic Party, with New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Mayor Bill de Blasio adding their support to the cause in the last 24 hours.

“I believe that [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] has become a deportation force … and that’s why I believe you should get rid of it, start over, reimagine it and build something that actually works,” Gillibrand said in a CNN interview Thursday night.

“We should abolish ICE,” de Blasio said Friday morning on WNYC radio.

Gillibrand’s endorsement is notable as she’s the first sitting senator to back the ‘abolish ICE’ push — and is considered a potential 2020 presidential contender.

They join numerous other Democratic candidates, House members, liberal commentators and writers who have fought back against the Trump administration’s immigration policies by calling to gut ICE — which identifies, arrests and deports illegal immigrants inside the United States.

“Every country needs reasonable law enforcement on their borders. ICE is not reasonable law enforcement. ICE is broken, it’s divisive and it should be abolished,” de Blasio tweeted Friday.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo also has come under heavy pressure from the left to call for the elimination of ICE, particularly amid a far-left challenge from actress and activist Cynthia Nixon — who called it a terrorist organization. – READ MORE

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