NYC crime soars under Marxist Mayor de Blasio


Because of hard left-wing social policies, New York City is once more becoming the crime-ridden Democrat-run terror-dome it once was before GOP mayor Giuliani and GOP/Independent/Democrat mayor Bloomberg presided over a safe city.

Policies like community policing, broken windows-based actions (enforcing penalties for minor crimes to deter major ones), and, yes, stop and frisk all combined to make New York a city where tourists and residents felt safe.

No longer. Now, even the police are starting to balk at the absurd policies they are expected to enforce and work under.

As such, the NYPD has admitted to increases in reported crimes over the last two months, as arrests have gone down because of the mayor’s far-left crime-fighting ideas that blame the police, not the criminal, for crime.

There were 16,343 major crimes reported in New York City the first two months of 2020, compared to 13,648 over the same period last year. That’s a spike of 2,695. Out of those, the 299 major crimes committed by those released by de Blasio’s bail-reform (which severely limits or does away with bail altogether and just releases those arrested back to the street) comprise 10 percent of the spike and 1.8 percent of all the city’s crime for the year. – READ MORE

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