NY Times Falsely Claims No Soldiers Died Due to Bergdahl’s Desertion


In a December 2 dispatch covering Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s request for a presidential pardon appearing at Page A18 in Saturday’s print edition, New York Times reporter Charlie Savage insisted that President-Elect Donald Trump’s 2015 campaign rally assertion that U.S. soldiers had died searching for Bergdahl after his desertion was false. Savage even claimed that allegations made by soldiers serving in Afghanistan at the time that “five to seven Americans had died searching for him … (were) proved false.”

Savage’s contentions are the ones that are false. Neither Trump nor the soldiers have been proven wrong.

The underlying links in the Savage’s own report which supposedly make his points actually show that government prosecutors have only recently tried to present evidence of “injuries,” and not deaths, even though a military hearing officer strongly recommended over a year ago that “the issue of casualties should be conclusively addressed prior to a final decision.” – READ MORE

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