NY Times columnist excuses eco-terrorism against oil companies


The New York Times columnist Ezra Klein published a piece that appeared to condone eco-terrorism to stop climate change.

On Thursday, Klein published a 2000-word article titled “It Seems Odd That We Would Just Let the World Burn.” The opinion piece dissected Andreas Malm’s book titled “How to Blow Up a Pipeline,” a book that supported and ultimately reasoned the need for violence in climate change activism. Despite the provocative nature of the book, Klein appeared to understand and even sympathize with the author.

“Andreas Malm’s ‘How to Blow Up a Pipeline’ is only slightly inaptly named. You won’t find, anywhere inside, instructions on sabotaging energy infrastructure. A truer title would be ‘Why to Blow Up a Pipeline.’ On this, Malm’s case is straightforward: Because nothing else has worked,” Klein wrote.

The former Vox reporter went on to transcribe passages of the book which continued to endorse vandalism and threats as a solution to greenhouse gases.

Malm wrote “Damage and destroy new CO2-emitting devices. Put them out of commission, pick them apart, demolish them, burn them, blow them up. Let the capitalists who keep on investing in the fire know that their properties will be trashed.” – READ MORE

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