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NY Times, AP Mum on 9/11 Resumé Fabrications of Faithless Texas Elector


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When the press wants to, it digs deeply into the past of targets its members wish to smear. Remember how it was somehow important to “dig up dirt” on a low-level congressional staffer, even from “from her high school and college years,” because this staffer, Elizabeth Lauten, had the gall to merely criticize the dress and demeanor of Barack Obama’s daughters on her personal Facebook page — even though the daughters’ behavior also “drew wry headlines from publications such as USA Today and Gawker”? They hounded her out of her job.

But in the time-honored tradition of refusing to do any follow-up work with leftist heroes of the moment, the New York Times put no visible effort into scrutinizing Chris Suprun before it published his op-ed promising that he would be a faithless elector.

Since that op-ed’s appearance, neither the Times nor the Associated Press have visibly dug into Suprun’s background. A local TV station did the work the national press should have started doing ten days ago. – READ MORE

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