NRA Reveals Assets From Charlton Heston Statue to Range Rover in Latest Bankruptcy Filing


The National Rifle Association owns expensive statues, a luxury SUV, and has a private jet service on standby, according to public court filings released Monday.

Among the NRA’s assets are statues and paintings of its former president Charlton Heston worth nearly six figures, a Range Rover for the group’s treasurer, and a prepayment to a private jet company. The group also listed liabilities including millions in disputed tax payments to the IRS, millions owed to fundraising companies, and hundreds of thousands owed to lawyers. Overall, the group has roughly $245 million in assets while owing about $112 million in liabilities. 

The detailed financials of the NRA were revealed as part of a summary of assets filed with the federal court overseeing its bankruptcy. 

While the NRA hopes the bankruptcy will help it relocate to Texas and stymie an effort by New York attorney general Letitia James (D.) to shut it down over accusations of financial impropriety, the bankruptcy process requires the group to share previously undisclosed information about its operations. The filing will likely lead to further scrutiny from critics both inside and outside the organization as members of the public scrub through the hundreds of pages of court documents. READ MORE

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