NRA Plans to Spend ‘Tens of Millions’ in Battleground States


The National Rifle Association plans to spend tens of millions of dollars to sway close races throughout the country for the 2020 election.

Jason Ouimet, who runs the NRA’s lobbying arm and political action committee, spoke exclusively with the Washington Free Beacon in his first in-depth interview on the gun-rights behemoth’s 2020 electoral strategy. He said the group plans to spend heavily in battleground states to help reelect President Donald Trump over presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, whom he described as “100 percent anti-gun.” The group plans to focus much of its attention on Arizona, Colorado, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Wisconsin—swing states with traditionally strong support for gun rights.

“We’ll be in those places at every level,” Ouimet said. And the message will be simple: A President Joe Biden and Democratic Senate are a threat to gun owners.

“You are literally going to be dealing with the potential confiscation of firearms. You’re literally going to be told you can’t carry in certain places. You can’t own certain things for self-defense,” Ouimet said. “Folks need to understand that.” – READ MORE

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