NPR Literally Uses Racial Slur on Kanye for Daring to Question Democrats


Over the last several weeks, the often controversial musician ignited a firestorm when he praised conservative speaker Candace Owens, and was seen proudly sporting a “Make America Great Again” hat.

In a rush to criticize blacks who are rejecting liberalism, some pundits called Kanye and others “Uncle Toms,” either literally or figuratively.

Now, even NPR is getting in on the disgraceful action. Over the weekend, the taxpayer-funded broadcaster openly called Kanye West a “colored boy” in an opinion piece that would almost certainly spark outrage and charges of racism if it had been penned by a white conservative.

“For Colored Boys Who’ve Considered Career Suicide When Good Music Wasn’t Enough” is the title of the NPR hit-piece authored by Rodney Carmichael. – READ MORE

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