Now That A Republican Is In The White House Republicans Warm To Expanding Presidential Powers


Each political party shows alarming hypocrisy on the subject of expanding presidential powers when a member of their own party is in the White House.

recent poll from the Pew Research Center found that Republicans “now are more open to the idea of expanding presidential power,” though a majority of neither party actually supports such an expansion. This is, however, a swift change from 2016, when Democrats favored an expansion of presidential power more so than Republicans.

The Pew poll found that 43% of those who are Republican or lean Republican agreed that many “problems could be dealt with more effectively if U.S. presidents didn’t have to worry so much about Congress or the courts.” Just 16% of Democrats said the same.

A larger percentage agreed with the counter statement that “it would be too risky to give U.S. presidents more power to deal directly with many of the country’s problems.” Fifty-one percent of Republicans and 82% of Democrats agreed with the latter statement. – READ MORE

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