North Korean TV Had Very Different Broadcast During Historic Korean Summit


While much of the world watched the historic meeting between the leaders of North and South Korea as it happened this week, citizens of the nation arguably most impacted by the summit remained in the dark.

Multiple sources reported that Korean Central Television, North Korea’s state news agency, aired historical programming, landscapes and the national flag as leader Kim Jong Un crossed the border to the south Friday.

Despite the potentially dramatic implications the meeting could have for those living under Kim’s oppressive regime, the news received barely a mention on the government-controlled airwaves within North Korea.

According to analysts who interpret the flow of information within the hermit nation, it is not surprising there would be no live coverage of the leader’s monumental trip.

The Lowy Institute’s international security director told Business Insider that state TV must depict Kim in a certain way, so the potential of embarrassment associated with live coverage means it is rarely an option.- READ MORE

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