North Korea Threatens to Sink Japan With Nukes, ‘Reduce U.S. Mainland Into Ashes and Darkness’


North Korea’s latest round of belligerent rhetoric comes from the amusingly named Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee, a Pyongyang propaganda outfit that threatened genocide against Japan, continental devastation for the United States, and ruination for the U.N. Security Council in its Thursday dispatch.

Few other “peace committees” manage to squeeze so much nuclear annihilation into a single communique.

“The four islands of the archipelago should be sunken into the sea by the nuclear bomb of Juche. Japan is no longer needed to exist near us,” the committee declared, in a statement released to North Korea’s KCNA news agency and transcribed by Reuters. “Juche” is the grim state ideology of North Korea.

“Let’s reduce the U.S. mainland into ashes and darkness. Let’s vent our spite with mobilization of all retaliation means which have been prepared till now,” the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee continued. This was followed by a suggestion that America should be “beaten to death like a rabid dog” for its “heinous sanctions resolution” against peace-loving North Korea. – READ MORE

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