North Korea calls latest UN sanctions ‘an act of war’


North Korea warned Sunday that a new round of UN sanctions against it are “an act of war,” saying the US and other nations that supported the strict measures will pay a heavy price.

The comment, another in a series of typically belicose remarks made by the rogue state against the US, comes after the UN Security Council unanimously adopted US-drafted sanctions against North Korea for its November intercontinental ballistic missile test.

Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN, said the new sanctions will strangle North Korea’s energy supplies and tighten restrictions on smuggling.

The resolution cuts exports of gasoline, diesel and other refined oil products by a total of 89%, Haley said. It also bans exports of industrial equipment, machinery, transportation vehicles and industrial metals to North Korea, and requires countries using the reclusive nation’s laborers to send them back home within 24 months. – READ MORE

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