North Carolina School District: Ignore White Parents Because Their Children Are ‘Benefiting From The System’


North Carolina’s largest school district is encouraging teachers to ignore white parent’s concerns about “critical race theory” curriculum because “white parent’s children are benefiting from the system.”

The Wake County Public School System (WCPSS), which serves the greater Raleigh area, held an equity training that taught teachers and staff how to include “critical race theory” — the theory that America is irredeemably rooted in racism — into the classroom.

According to training materials obtained by reporter A.P. Dillon, the WCPSS equity training conference began with a “land acknowledgment.” This forces teachers to recognize that they are working and teaching on stolen Native American land.

At one point in the training, the district insinuated that white parents are a barrier to social justice because their children benefit from the system.

“What do we do with parents push back? White parent’s children are benefitting from the system,” the training reads. “They are perceiving that they are going to lose something. Fear of loss. Hard to let go of power/privilege.” – READ MORE

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