Normal-Size Chairs And Artwork Featuring White People Are ‘MICROAGGRESSIONS’ Now


An absurdly expensive and fancypants private college in New York City has issued a comprehensive guide instructing students that artwork featuring white people and seats that are too small for fat people are now forms of “microaggressions.”

Failing to sit next to a homeless person on the subway and not liking gender-neutral bathrooms are also “microaggressions.”

The guide published by the New School in New York City is shrewdly entitled “Microaggression” and clocks in at 4,726 words.

“Microaggressions,” according to leftist activists on college campuses across America, are innocuous, everyday statements or actions that entrench discrimination or degrade a person based on group identity.

“Microaggressions… [are] powerful and insidious and can be as damaging as ‘explicit’ aggression,” the very lengthy New School guide warns.

The guide says microaggressions include “cultural insensitivity,” making jokes and — bizarrely — “invisibility” and “denial of bias.”

An incredible number of statements and actions are “microaggressions,” The New School declares. For example, it’s a “microaggression” to suggest that “all-gender bathrooms are so stupid,” according to The New School.

It’s also a microaggression when public spaces “predominantly” feature monuments and artwork representing “white cisgender men and women.” (Cisgender is an invented term which means the absence of transgender disorder).

It’s a microaggression when people in wheelchairs have to use “the complicated industrial elevator and take an extra ten minutes to arrive in class” because they can’t walk up or down stairs.

It’s a microaggression if the “majority of readings on all your class syllabi feature only readings from white cisgender men.” A similar microaggression occurs whenever “department chairs” criticize “professors who try to bring in more variation.”

It’s a microaggression to get on a subway car and sit far away from a homeless person.

Still another microaggression is whenever seats in classrooms and auditoriums are too small for fat people.

It’s also a “microaggression” for professors and students to fail to ask people which gender pronouns they prefer.

In addition to microaggressions, The New School pontificates, there are “microinsults.” Asking lesbian couples how they have sex is a “microinsult.” Saying “you are pretty cute, for a Mexican girl” is another “microinsult.”

Another microinsult is complimenting females on their ability to throw things.

Meanwhile, “cat-calling a woman, being ignored, and then saying that she’s so ugly that no one would want her anyway” is something called a “microassault.”

Also, “holding a Social Justice Committee meeting in a space that is not accessible for wheelchairs” is yet another odd example of new terminology called a “microinvalidation.”

There’s more — so much more. Even “experiences that are not intentionally hostile or physically threatening can be harmful,” the New School guide warns.

“Little do we realize that experiencing oppression in this manner, even though seemingly small or ‘micro,’ is frustrating, fatiguing, and takes a toll on our mental and physical selves,” the guide explains.

Administrators at The New School have established a huge, intrusive student surveillance scheme designed to spy on and report any student who commits a “microaggression” — or a “microinsult,” or a “microassault,” or a “microinvalidation.”

“Acts of bias and discrimination are violations of the university Policy on Discrimination, and may also be a violation of the Student Code of Conduct, the Sexual Assault Policy and the Sexual Harassment Policy depending on the incident,” The New School declares.

“All members of our community — students, staff, faculty, administrators and guests — can be the target or perpetrator of microaggression.”

“New School students who feel they have been discriminated against can contact Student Rights and Responsibilities at 212.229.5349 x3653 or [email protected].”

The “microaggressions” guide appears on the student health services section of The New School’s website.

A single year of tuition, fees and room and board at The New School costs $65,700.

Radical leftist groups and sundry social justice warriors have identified a growing number of statements as microaggressions in recent years.

Elsewhere, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill published — and then deleted — a document entitled “Career corner: Understanding microaggressions,” which identified golf outings, Christmas vacations and the word “boyfriend” as microaggressions. Another microaggression, UNC Chapel Hill, told students, is telling a woman “I love your shoes!”

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