Nobel Scientist Says Lockdown ‘Saved No Lives’ and ‘May Have Cost Lives’


A Nobel Prize-winning scientist from Stanford believes that the nationwide, 3-month lockdown that devastated the American economy actually cost more lives than it saved.

Prof Michael  Levitt, a British-American-Israeli who shared the Nobel prize for chemistry in 2013, believes the flawed models by Nile  Ferguson of  Imperial College, upon which most nations and states based their lockdown strategies, led to a global “panic virus” that spread to political leaders and cost many more deaths from “social damage,” including domestic abuse, divorces, alcoholism.  “And then you have those who were not treated for other conditions,” says Levitt.

Health analyst Richard Baehr says, “A growing share of the excess deaths are not from COVID diagnosed patients but from heart conditions, drug overdoses, suicides. We could call these lockdown deaths.”

“Excess deaths” has been all the rage with lockdown advocates who constantly point to that number as proof that the lockdown was necessary. Whether it was or not, history will decide. But what’s certain is that those who dared mention that the lockdown itself was going to take lives and were pilloried by the media — Donald Trump in particular — were spot on right. – READ MORE

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