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No Way the Next President Keeps the Iran Deal


It’s the sort of news that we who follow the so-called “Iran Deal” have come to expect as par for the course:  the Obama administration keeps the facts about the deal secret from the American people, at least until after a major election.  The Weekly Standard brings to light the fact that the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) report on Iran’s heavy water violations was “sandbagged” by the administration, in order to prevent Americans from learning about it until the election was over.  We discussed those violations, as well as exactly what heavy water is and why it matters, in a lengthy explainer last week.  In short, there is almost no reason to want heavy water except to cool the kind of reactors that produce large quantities of plutonium, which is one of two kinds of material that can be used to build thermonuclear weapons.  Iran’s violation of these limits is pretty solid proof that they are intending not just to skirt the limits of a deal on nuclear power, but that they intend specifically to pursue nuclear weapons of the most dangerous sort. – READ MORE

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