No ‘Credible Evidence’: Nunes Attacks Russia Investigation As Nothingburger (VIDEO)


Nunes began the conversation by noting that Glenn Simpson — founder of Fusion GPS, the political opposition research firm hired by Democrats to compile the anti-Trump dossier — had testified under oath to the committee, and later confirmed, that he was aware of a “source” within the campaign.

Nunes was asked what it would mean if there had indeed been a “spy” embedded in the campaign, to which he replied, “It will look badly on the Department of Justice and FBI on how they conducted this investigation.”

Co-host Steve Doocy pointed out that if the entire investigation had stemmed from information provided by a “secret source” embedded in the campaign, that would call into question the entire Trump-Russia collusion narrative and the resulting investigation.

“I think if the campaign was somehow set up, I think that would be a problem,” Nunes responded. “If there were somehow meetings that occurred and all this was a setup, because we have yet to see any credible evidence or intelligence that led to the opening of this investigation.” – READ MORE

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