Nicolle Wallace: ‘Let’s Be Honest’ Only Talking About Shooting Because Victims Were ‘White’ (VIDEO)


Former Republican and current MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace further proved she isn’t any different than the hard-core leftists on her network on Thursday’s Deadline: White House. Wallace joined in with her liberal panel in ripping into Paul Ryan, Donald Trump and the rest of the Republican leadership in their response to Wednesday’s high school shooting in Parkland, FL, even making the ludicrous claim that the only reason why this tragedy was getting any attention was because the victims were “white kids.”

Wallace began by repeating the same tired claim against Trump that the media has clung to in the past two days–that Trump made it easier for the mentally ill to buy guns legally.

Snarking at Paul Ryan’s call for closing loopholes in who is able to access guns, Wallace said: “They’re not slipping through the cracks because Donald Trump signed a bill revoking the Obama era gun checks for people with mental illness.”  – READ MORE

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