Newsweek Reports That Keaton Jones’s Father Is a ‘White Supremacist’


In today’s chaotic cultural climate, the story of Keaton Jones broke down walls on both sides and brought people together.

It didn’t matter that it was just a few minutes of unity; everyone eventually knew who Jones was.


Now, Jones’s father, Shawn White, has the spotlight on him, which will only make things more difficult for the 11-year-old. As it turns out, according to Newsweek, he’s in prison, and he is a “white supremacist.”

Citing TMZ, Newsweek reported that White has a tattoo that reads “White Pride” on his stomach. Sadly, his father is behind bars and has a rap sheet, including aggravated assault, harassment, and aggravated burglary.

In reporting the story of Jones, many people, including some in the media, have seemingly missed the entire point of the boy’s anti-bullying message — the one to not bully.

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