New York Times Reporter Cries Sexism: ‘I Wanted to Scream at Every Critic’ of Hillary’s


New York Times political reporter Amy Chozick has written a book about covering both of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns called Chasing Hillary. Washington Post book reviewer Carlos Lozada showed that there was a reason the candidate was surrounded by female correspondents. They all felt her pain.

Chozick is indignant about the prejudice swirling around Clinton’s candidacy and fantasizes about defending her. “Bernie’s supporters, Republicans, and garden-variety Hillary haters always told me it wasn’t about gender,” she writes. “They’d vote for a woman, just not THAT woman. . . . I wanted to scream at every critic that thirty years of sexist attacks had turned her into that woman. That sooner or later, the higher we climb, the harder we work, we all become that woman.” (Italics hers, bold is mine.)

Someone needs to tell the Chozicks that not every woman spent her days as a governor’s wife coming up with corrupt little schemes of self-enrichment, from Whitewater to the quick $100,000 gain on the cattle-futures market. But more importantly, not every woman tolerates serial infidelity so she can run for president one day. READ MORE

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