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New York Times Pioneers New Feature: ‘This Week in (White) Hate’


The New York Times has decided to run a new feature titled “This week in hate.”  cataloging a series of hate crimes dating back to November 16, it strangely fails to mention November 28, when a young Somalian man in Ohio ran his car into a lot of pedestrians, got out of said car, and then began stabbing Americans at random.

The reason this is important is that it proves what a growing number of people implicitly know about leftists: you can be hateful to them only if you’re white.  Crimes committed against whites for the sake of our whiteness are not only hateless, but irrelevant to The New York Times.  Whatever doesn’t fit into their narrative is simply left out of it.  No leftist magazine that I am aware of broadcasted anything against Lena Dunham when she said white men could be eradicated from the Earth and we would be the better for it – but The New York Times finds it worth reporting that someone said we could deport a Muslim from American soil.  It may be stupid to label every Muslim a terrorist.  It is equally stupid to say that every white person, from the four-hundred-pound swamp-donkey in Georgia to the miserable slum-dwelling Italians in Jersey, is a privileged and tyrannical aristocrat.  Both statements require a hatred not of a person, but of a people – and one that deliberately places the things we hate about a people on a stranger.  But only one of them is considered hateful, and only one of them is apparently worth reporting. – READ MORE

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