Has the New York Times Made Gloria Steinem’s Original 1998 Defense of Bill Clinton Disappear?


The Associated Press’s failure to report Gloria Steinem’s early-December howler about how Donald Trump supposedly “lost” the 2016 presidential election “by 10 million votes” which I noted in a December 10 NewsBusters post is consistent with the press’s history of preventing leftists’ most provocative and controversial statements from becoming widely known. The press considers Steinem a feminist “icon,” and thus especially worthy of protection.

In preparing that post, I discovered that the New York Times appears to have taken their protection of Steinem to an unusual level.

Steinem sent her feminist credentials into the toilet in March 1998 when, in a Times op-ed, she defended Bill Clinton against the charges which eventually led to his impeachment later that year.

The link to that op-ed in the previous paragraph was found in a public library database. That’s because I couldn’t locate it in multiple searches at the Times website.

If the Times is indeed protecting Steinem, this is how they’re doing it.

In 2010, the Times published a highly selective excerpt from that 1998 op-ed. That six-paragraph excerpt, with the title changed from the original “Feminists and the Clinton Question” to “Why Feminists Support Clinton,” excluded not only Steinem’s bitterly personal attacks against Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, and Linda Tripp, but also her laughable assessment of Willey’s and Jones’s then-known allegations against Clinton. – READ MORE

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