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New York Times Hit by Reader Backlash Over Trigger Warnings Article


The New York Times last week published an article headlined “Trust Me, Trigger Warnings Are Helpful” by Sofia Karasek, the director of education and co-founder of the End Rape on Campus organization.

The piece argued that trigger warnings are both necessary and empowering.  Karasek wrote: “When professors give [trigger] warnings, provide alternative readings and facilitate respectful conversations about deeply personal issues, it is easier for all students to participate.

“Accusing students of being coddled or institutions of killing academic freedom is an extreme overreaction against those who wish to be valued and respected in class.

“It is not that difficult issues should not be taught—it is that they should be taught with nuance. Allowing a military veteran to skip a screening of Pearl Harbor or to opt for a less graphic version of a chapter about the Vietnam War is not succumbing to “political correctness” or interfering with learning; it is treating people with basic decency and respect.” – READ MORE

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