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New York Times forfeits its throne for Hillary bias


The political bias of the New York Times has not escaped the attention of Post reader David Zukerman. Counting letters from its readers the Times published over a recent 10-day period, Zukerman found “precisely one pro-Trump letter — and 18 anti-Trump letters.” He wonders, “I guess the question is, how did that pro-Trump letter get into the newspaper?”

Surely it was a mistake, and maybe a little head will roll for violating a blackout rule against positive views of Donald Trump. Standards must be enforced, you see.

Unfortunately, that is not entirely a jest, and even worse, the one-sided approach isn’t limited to the Gray Lady’s editors, reporters and columnists. There is growing evidence that Times readers expect the paper to always support Hillary Clinton and bash Trump relentlessly, and are furious on those rare occasions when they don’t get what they want.

The public editor is the portal for reader grievances, and the new person in the job, Liz Spayd, started out questioning why the Times is so liberal and faulted it for not covering Clinton’s false claims in an interview. But Spayd now seems to be drinking the Kool-Aid and wants the paper to be even more slanted than it is. – READ MORE

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