New York Times Columnist on Trump Supporters: ‘Maybe They’re Just Bad People’


New York Times Columnist And Msnbc Contributor Michelle Goldberg Has A Novel Theory About Trump Supporters: “maybe They’re Just Bad People.”

That’s the title of her latest column for the Times, in which Goldberg speculates that the energy spent by liberal political analysts trying to explain why intelligent people would support, or work with, President Donald Trump may be wasted, since the simplest explanation — one that may fit the prejudices of Times readers — is that they are just evil.

Goldberg begins her column with a story about an aide to Christian activist Ralph Reed “performing oral sex on a future member of the George W. Bush administration during the 2000 primary.”

Trump is hardly the first politician to attract self-serving followers … But Trump is unique as a magnet for grifters, climbers and self-promoters, in part because decent people won’t associate with him. With the exception of national security professionals sticking around to stop Trump from blowing up the world, there are two kinds of people in the president’s orbit — the immoral and the amoral.READ MORE


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