‘New York Post’ Columnist Slams LeBron James ‘Ignorance of Racial Matters’


L.a. Lakers Star Lebron James Recently Claimed He Was Unaware That “jewish Money” Was An Ages-old, Anti-semitic Stereotype, But New York Post Columnist Phil Mushnick Is Not Prepared To Let James Off The Hook For His “non-apology.”

Last week the NBA star posted on social media about a song he was listening to that contained a lyric about “making Jewish money.” The Lakers forward quickly came under fire for celebrating the decades-old stereotype that claims all Jews care about is money. James apologized but insisted he had no idea what the phrase meant.

The Lakers’ apology did not wash with Post sports columnist Phil Mushnick who, in a December 29 column, slammed James for his anti-Semitic “bigotry.”

Mushnick did not accept James’ apology for using the slur, saying: “James’ non-apology apology — another of those contingency “If” numbers — was bereft of now-I-get-it contrition.”

Mushnick also slammed black leaders for ignoring the flap over James’ anti-Semitic slur.

But the long-time columnist wasn’t done scolding James. He also punished the NBA star for his “preposterous historical ignorance by issuing that revolting, simple-minded and hideous analogy of the NFL with slavery.”

Mushnick was referring to James’ proclamation last week that the NFL treats its players like slaves and that the league’s owners have a “slave mentality.”

Mushnick ended his piece lamenting how black culture is “stuck in reverse by choice and habit, ‘not by white people,’” as blacks celebrate profane, women-hating rappers and ignore inner-city violence perpetrated on blacks, by blacks.- READ MORE


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