New York Daily News: Ban ‘God Bless America’ from Ball Games


New York Daily News writer Gersh Kuntzman wrote anarticle Thursday entitled “Major League Baseball Must Permanently Retire ‘God Bless America,’ a Song That Offends Everyone,” where he asserts that “‘God Bless America’ should be sent permanently to the bench.”

“Welcome to the July 4 holiday weekend — when once again, baseball fans will be assaulted by the saccharine-sweet non-anthem ‘God Bless America’ at stadia all over this great land,” Kuntzman began in his off-colored column.

Kuntzman says he was initially thankful for Major League Baseball’s decision to play the pro-America anthem after the Islamic terror attacks on September 11, 2001., but says eventually, the “shared heartache” of 9/11 that “provided catharsis” soon “became headache.” – READ MORE

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