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New York City Christmas Market Now Guarded by Heavily Armed and Armored Cops


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“You know why we’re out here, right?” one of the CRC cops asked her. “Because of Berlin.”

The cop was referring to the terror attack in Berlin in which a fanatic had driven a tractor trailer into a holiday market very much like this one in New York, killing 12. German authorities were conducting a manhunt for a Tunisian citizen named Anis Amris, who was on that country’s terrorist watch list and subject to surveillance and would have been deported had his country of origin not refused to accept him. He turns 24 on Thursday, meaning he had been just 8 years old when the 9/11 attacks signaled the start of a war that seems to have no end.

“If nothing ever happens and nobody needs us, we couldn’t be happier,” the CRC cop in New York now said. – READ MORE

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