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    New Trump Bombshell Book Reads Like Bogus Trump Dossier 2.0: Author Wolff Even Admits It Is Packed With Lies He Fabricated


    The first bogus Trump dossier was packed with strange references to urine.

    The latest Trump dossier, in the form of a tell-all ‘book,’ smells like urine.

    Or just plain old-fashioned bullsh*t.

    In fact the author Michael Wolff admits in the preface that Fire and Fury is comprised of lies, half truths and fabrications. but that apparently is alright, since Wolff named these anecdotes from thin air  “Trumpian.”

    I guess Christoper Steele and Fusion GPS weren’t available to write the book, although their work on the original Trump dossier seems to have inspired a new literary genre of packaging words as horse manure, complete with plenty of liberal flies buzzing around the dung heap.

    Wolff writes: Many of the accounts in the book are “baldly untrue.” He also says, barring any real proof, he “settled on a version of events I believe to be true.”

    That’s a liberal reporter for you. As long as they believe it’s true, why let the real truth get in the way.

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