Mueller, Comey Cover Ups of Hillary Uranium Kickbacks & Email Breaches UNLIKELY to Lead to Indictments


The Swamp wins again.

Robert Mueller, while FBI director apparently covered up financial crimes for Bill and Hillary Clinton just as Mueller’s protege James Comey did six years later.

Brushing aside the story hype for a moment stoked by FOX’s Sean Hannity and others, let’s interject a little reality check into the matter. One thing appears sure: No one involved in the latest Mueller and Clinton-linked criminal revelations, however, is headed to federal prison any time soon.

Or ever.

Unless the tenets of the story take a drastic turn.

The statute of limitations for federal crimes is five years. The new revelations about Mueller, the Clinton’s, Russia and uranium kickbacks stem from 2010.

It is now 2017, or two years past the statute of limitations. There are exceptions to the five-year federal window but they are quite rare and doubtful to be invoked in this matter.

Likewise, Hillary’s last misuse of classified emails as secretary of state is likewise approaching the expiration of federal statutes as well with mere weeks remaining on the clock. On paper, she can still be indicted. However, it takes months for the Justice Department to put on and prep a case. Therefore, the statute will likely expire on straight email-linked crimes.

Absent evidence proving espionage, Hillary isn’t going to jail any time soon for either criminal case.

Mueller and Comey ran out the clocks on potential Clinton prosecutions.

If you have followed True Pundit, you may remember the story we broke even before Comey’s FBI interviewed Hillary. That story, an exclusive which beat all other U.S. media, divulged Hillary would not be indicted for email crimes.

Will the new revelations be enough to remove Mueller as U.S. special counsel? That is another matter indeed and not one to be decided by Attorney General Jeff Sessions who has recused himself from the pending investigation.

The Swamp has all the angles covered.

Or haven’t you figured that out yet?


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