New Poll Shows POTUS Hit Highest Approval Rating Ever of Time in Office


President Donald Trump hit his highest approval rating during his tenure office so far according to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll published on Sunday.

Due in part to a booming economy, the president hit a 47 percent approval rating among American voters, rising five points from April and setting a new record high approval rating for the Trump presidency. Fifty percent of American voters still disapprove of the president, however, but this number is down from 54 percent in April.

Additionally, Trump overall approval rating amongst Americans reached 44 percent, up by five points from the last poll in April. Fifty-three percent of Americans, however, still disapprove of Trump nearly three years into his first term in office.

The poll — produced by Langer Research Associates — also illustrated that the majority of Americans do not support the idea of impeaching Trump.

The percentage of Americans who do not believe that Congress should go through with impeachment proceedings against the president rose by 13 points to a new high of 59 percent since August of last year, while the 37 percent who believe that an impeachment inquiry should be opened remained unchanged from April 2019. – READ MORE

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