New Poll Shows Mexicans Increasingly Want To Keep Illegal Immigrants Out Of Mexico


As Newsbusters reports, “The poll also found that 54% of Mexicans are opposed to their government offering work visas to the asylum-seeking wave of Central Americans flooding into their country. The same poll also found that 47% of Mexicans believe President Trump will deliver on his threats to impose tariffs on Mexican imports, while 21% do not.”

Newsbusters also translated the segment of the June 12, 2019 late night edition of Noticiero Univision, in which anchor Arantxa Loizaga and correspondent Alejandro Madrigal discussed Mexicans’ tougher stance on immigration, with Madrigal expounding, “In Mexico, the presence of the immigrants is now starting to become irritating. Six out of every 10 Mexicans agree that the Government should prevent them from crossing, and only one in ten people think they should be allowed to travel freely through the country. This according to a survey in the Mexican newspaper El Universal.”

Madrigal added, “According to the survey, 44 percent of Mexicans believe that the government of President Andres Manuel López Obrador should immediately expel immigrants from the country, and 57 percent do not believe the Government should allow them into the national territory.”

The New York Times reported on June 3, “In recent weeks, the Mexican authorities have been breaking up migrant caravans and setting up round-the-clock roadblocks along common routes north … But their recent enforcement efforts aside, Mexican officials admit that their southern border is highly porous, with thousands of migrants slipping across every month through hundreds of known illegal crossings.” – READ MORE

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