New JFK assassination records focus on Lee Harvey Oswald’s trip to Mexico, CIA ties


The government released more than 600 previously classified documents on Friday connected to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The new batch, which follows a release of thousands of other related documents last week, shows what the CIA learned about assassin Lee Harvey Oswald’s connection to the agency and why he had visited Mexico City only weeks before.

Through what the CIA described as a thorough investigation, the allegations that Oswald was somehow connected to or working with the agency were “totally unfounded,” the documents said.

A 1975 CIA memo showed that agents searched through all of their records to find “any conceivable way” that Oswald could’ve somehow been connected to them.

The third set of released documents this year also showed that government officials questioned why Kennedy’s assassin took a trip to Mexico City only weeks before shooting the President.

Agents questioned whether the trip was potentially focused on Oswald’s attempt to secure visas from the Soviet or Cuban embassies in Mexico City so he could “make a quick escape after assassinating the president,” the memo said.

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