New Jersey Politician Plunges Into Scandal: ‘You Wish You Were Getting F****d By Me’ (VIDEO)


A councilman in Wayne Township, New Jersey may be wishing he didn’t have a tongue right about now.

Richard Jasterzbski quickly became unhinged that someone had messed with signage for a mayoral campaign.

So he did what any crazed politician would do: He told Susan Enderly, a female Republican organization employee, that she wishes she “were getting f***ked by me.” Through a thick New Jersey accent, he yelled, “You don’t have to worry about me penetrating you because it’ll never happen.” He added, “Don’t play your bullshit games with me. …You’re so full of shit it ain’t even funny.”

Which is almost as enticing as when a man sends a picture of his junk to a woman.

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“Richie,” as he’s called, says he defended the woman against her ex-husband.

Let’s just say neither participant is attractive — Richie is not Chris Christie fat, but he has a gut. Enderly is somewhere between Kirstie Alley and Ashley Graham.

A harassment complaint has been filed against Jasterzbski, who stood close to Enderly and shouted sexual explicit profanity at her for a reported five or six minutes. For his part, Jasterzbski said they swore at each other but that she was never “in any danger.” Upon watching the video, The Mirror would concur that she was never at risk of being assaulted.

Hilariously, he told InsiderNJ that he was “expressing his displeasure.”

The weirdest part of the video comes when a barking dog emerges amid the shouting. The video itself could make you vomit — it turns sideways, upside-down and doesn’t even always focus on the two people fighting.

The pol’s term ends at the end of 2019.

He’s no congressional campaign loser Dan Bongino, but Jasterzbski sure gives him a run for Big Mouth of the Year.

You need to watch all 10 minutes and 24 seconds of this insanity.

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