New Hermeus supersonic aircraft would make NY-London trip in 90 minutes


Aerospace company Hermeus unveiled plans to develop an aircraft that could travel at speeds of up to Mach 5 — cutting travel time from New York to London from seven hours to 90 minutes.

The U.S.-based firm is working on propulsion technology that would allow the jet to fly at speeds of up to 3,800 miles per hour or about three times faster than the now-retired Concorde.

Hermeus announced new funding led by Khosla Ventures that will allow the company to develop a range of technologies to make its futuristic jet a reality.

“We’ve set out on a journey to revolutionize the global transportation infrastructure, bringing it from the equivalent of dialup into the broadband era, by radically increasing the speed of travel over long distances,” co-founder and CEO AJ Piplica said in a news release earlier this week announcing the company’s advisers, which include two men who worked with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin space venture. – READ MORE

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