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New American Century: Democratic Party Discards Assimilation, Promotes Spanish-Speaking Illegals at Convention


The first night of the Democratic National Convention prominently featured speakers who are residing in the country illegally and who addressed the crowd in Spanish.

As the Daily Caller reports:

The Democratic National Convention devoted a segment of its Monday night schedule to illegal immigration, which featured a speaker who didn’t speak English, chants in Spanish, and a little girl crying. ‘Keeping Families Together,’ was the name of the portion and started with a video of a young Hispanic girl, Karla Ortiz, crying over the worry that her parents will be deported. Ortiz, 11, then took the stage and pronounced that she is American, in Spanish. Her speech was mainly in English, however. But then her mother, Francisca, an illegal immigrant, took the stage. The elder Ortiz did not speak English during her speech and pronounced the need for the immigration system to be fixed in order for families to be able to live out the ‘Sueño Americano (American Dream).’- READ MORE

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