Never Trumper Admits to ‘Underestimating President Trump,’ Regrets Vote for Evan McMullin


Timothy Carney, the Washington Examiner’s commentary editor and a “Never Trumper,” has admitted he was wrong about President Donald Trump and wishes he never voted for third-party challenger Evan McMullin.

“Every year I write a column about where I was wrong in the previous year,” wrote Carney for the Washington Examiner on Monday. “This year I will look at how I judged Trump. In an important way, I underestimated him, and this misestimation was a big part of the reason I refused to vote for him.”

Carney did not have a very high bar for his expectations of candidate Trump during the November 2016 election with Hillary Clinton as his challenger, saying that before the election, he couldn’t decide who “was the lesser of two evils.”

Carney thought of Trump as a “vulgar and dishonest man” with little regard for constitutional restraints on federal power. Unlike his conservative friends who voted for Trump in hopes of seeing a conservative appointed to Antonin Scalia’s vacant Supreme Court seat and to the federal courts, Carney didn’t think he could be trusted.

“My biggest mistake was predicting that Trump wouldn’t appoint a restrained, conservative judge to the Supreme Court,” admits Carney. “Also, Trump has placed dozens of excellent nominees on lower federal courts with only a few subpar nominees.” – READ MORE

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