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Networks ignore third-party presidential candidates despite historically strong support


Third-party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are polling collectively at 11 percent, but they’re receiving less than 1 percent of the network coverage.

A study released Tuesday by the conservative Media Research Center found that the networks only dedicated 0.05 percent of their evening news airtime to third-party candidates, including Independent Evan McMullin, despite high dissatisfaction with the two major-party candidates.

“The broadcast network evening newscasts are essentially blacking out the existence of alternatives to Clinton and Trump — a potentially fatal blow to candidates who are required to average 15 percent support to qualify for the upcoming presidential debates,” reported MRC NewsBusters.

The rest of the coverage was split between Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who received the lion’s share with 1,773 minutes of airtime, and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who saw 1,020 minutes. – READ MORE

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