NC State Vice Chancellor Mike Mullen Resigns After Calling GOP ‘Neo-Nazis,’ ‘KKK’


North Carolina State University (NC State) Vice Chancellor Mike Mullen has reportedly resigned after referring to the Republican Party as the Party of “Neo-Nazis” and “the KKK.”

“But, now the GOP is the party of the NRA, neo-Nazis, the KKK, and all manner of Alt-right crazies,” tweeted  NC State vice chancellor Mike Mullen to Turning Point USA founder and executive director Charlie Kirk. “You have betrayed your history.” Mullen, whose tweet had been in response to one of Kirk’s tweets from May of last year, appears to have since deleted his Twitter account.

On Thursday, the Students for Trump Twitter account posted screenshots highlighting other purported tweets sent by Mullen.

“Let’s use Executive Order to nullify the 2nd ,” said Mullen in one purported tweet. “Get guns off the streets. Period.” – READ MORE

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