NBC: NYC Subway Line That Took 96 Years ‘Proof Gov’t Can Still Do Big Things’

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For people who lived in or near New York City during the past century, the completion of the Second Avenue subway line was as elusive as the legendary Jersey Devil, or finding someone who doesn’t claim to be part Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. But an NBC reporter praised the completion of the first stage of the project as a great example of “showing people that government can still do big things.”

This portion of the subway line took 96 years to complete.

Now scheduled to open on New Year’s Day, 2017, the line was proposed in 1920. Put on hold because of the Great Depression, the project sputtered along until 2007 when construction restarted in earnest. One of several photos from the line’s checkered history shows Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller breaking ground for its construction in 1972. The 30 block expansion is the largest in 50 years for the aging subway system, with a price tag of $4.5 billion. – READ MORE

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