NBC Correspondent Spreads Chinese Propaganda To Attack Trump


The left-wing media is just fine with spreading propaganda from a foreign government, so long as it hurts President Donald Trump.

NBC News chief global affairs correspondent Bill Neely appeared on MSNBC Friday to literally spread Chinese propaganda in a segment to attack Trump over his administration’s handling of the coronavirus, a virus that originated in China.

Neely used the interview to parrot an article from China’s state-run media, a transcript of which was published by Newsbusters. MSNBC host Katy Tur set up Neely by asking if there was anything behind Trump “again” blaming China for the coronavirus pandemic, even though no one except China claims the virus started anywhere else. China claims the virus originated in the U.S., but all evidence points to it originating in Wuhan.

Instead of explaining why Trump is right to blame China for the virus, Neely described what China’s state-run media was saying in response to Trump suggesting the U.S. cut ties with China. – READ MORE

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