Navy SEAL Vet Takes Apart David Hogg’s School Safety Plan Piece by Piece


Former Navy SEAL turned entrepreneur and pundit Eli Crane has dismantled anti-gun activist David Hogg’s recently tweeted school safety plan in a lengthy email that took Hogg’s proposals apart, piece by piece.

Hogg called for CDC research into gun violence, universal background checks, the digitization of ATF records, and the ever popular (among liberals) bans on so-called “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines.

However, Crane’s exploration of the logical flaws in Hogg’s tweet was arguably one of the most compelling.

“The irony of David’s proposed plan is shortsighted, incomplete and pretty much worthless. I just did a threat assessment of a school three weeks ago in my home state of (Arizona) with an emphasis on active shooter,” Crane wrote.

“My main focus was on first figuring out the multiple ways I could commit the crime myself and then working backward from there — exposing weaknesses and suggesting improvements to keep out those who wish to do harm.

“I can tell you that not one thing David proposed would stop me or anyone else from a whole lot of carnage on that campus or any other for that matter,” he noted.

“David is proposing that we allocate more taxpayer dollars for gun violence research along with mandatory universal background checks and digitized ATF records. He is also calling for a complete ban on high-capacity magazines and ‘assault weapons.’

“I’m not sure if David and other liberals are able to comprehend that EVERY single one of these mass shootings, murders, and gun-related crimes that are so prevalent and concerning to all Americans showcase the complete disregard for any of our existing laws.

“It is illegal to murder one or more innocent people for any reason. It is illegal to bring a firearm to a school. It is illegal to discharge a firearm in a school or within city limits.

“These are a few of the major laws broken at every single school shooting. Yet Hogg and others ironically believe that the laws that they are proposing will be the ones mass (murderers) actually follow,” he wrote. – READ MORE

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