Navy SEAL explains exactly what to do if an angry mob surrounds your car, threatens your family


What should you do if you’re driving your car and you find yourself surrounded by an angry mob?

That’s the question that former Navy SEAL Jack Carr answered Friday on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Violent protests and unrest have been commonplace in major cities nationwide since the tragic killing of George Floyd. Though demonstrations have fizzled out in most cities, protests continue in cities like Portland, Seattle, and Chicago.

Carr explained: Some of those basics are: Stay in the car, doors closed, locks, locked doors, windows up, and that only allows you some level of protection. It does give you a level of protection but it only goes so far, but the main thing is to avoid those right away.

So, situational awareness. Looking around, being aware that there are threats, picking your head up out of that phone and turning around. If you turn a corner and you see something that doesn’t look right — as an army special forces sniper from Vietnam told me years ago — he said, “if it doesn’t look right, it’s probably not.” So trust those instincts and pay attention to that sixth sense that has kept us alive as a species since we’ve been on this planet. If it doesn’t look right, turn around, reverse, get out of there. – READ MORE

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