Nancy Pelosi tells NYT that SHE is worried TRUMP won’t respect election results


If you spent the last week watching the Democrats on Capitol Hill still arguing about the results of the 2016 election or even threatening to lock up the Attorney General of the United States over it, then you may find it a bit of surprise that they are worried about people not respecting the results of an election.

“We have to inoculate against that, we have to be prepared for that,” Ms. Pelosi said during an interview at the Capitol on Wednesday as she discussed her concern that Mr. Trump would not give up power voluntarily if he lost re-election by a slim margin next year.

Democrats in several states, you may also recall, are trying to bypass the system we use for electing a president by signing onto an agreement to undermine their own states’ voters and cast their electoral ballots for whomever wins the so-called “national popular vote.” That is because they think that Hillary Clinton was robbed by the electoral college… or James Comey. Or Wikileaks. Or .. Jon Stewart? So you may be surprised that those Democrats worry about people not respecting the results of an election.

It may be the case that watching Democrats and commentators on cable news actually refuse to say that Trump is the legitimately elected president as we come up on three years since he was democratically elected has put you in a spot where you’d be surprised to hear that Democrats are deeply concerned about people respecting the results of an election. – READ MORE

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